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The People Of Toronto Are Trying To Figure Out How To Prove This Nasty Sucker Punch On A Warriors Fan Walking To The Toronto Tavern Is Fake

[Sun] – A video posted on Twitter shows a man wearing a Warriors jersey being sucker-punched twice after Monday’s game outside Scotiabank Arena.

After the first hit, the Warriors fan appears to keep walking when he is then punched again from behind.

“This doesn’t represent us,” one person commented.

Police said they are investigating several incidents after Monday evening’s game.

“We haven’t confirmed that any of the incidents were related to the Raptors game,” Arrogante said.

This is sickening. Raptors fans and the city of Toronto should be ashamed. I mean I’m sure they are going to be going through this video with a microscope trying to figure out how this is fake. They’ll probably plant some English flags and claim this took place during an England World Cup game.

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How about how dumb this police spokesman sounds? Oh, you can’t confirm that any of the incidents were related to the Raptors game? It just happened to take place after Game 5 on Monday with someone wearing a Warriors jersey. Just an all-time coincidence there I guess. No way to prove that had anything to do with the NBA Finals.

There’s not a bigger pussy move in a fight than sucker punching someone. I’d rather see these guys square up and the Toronto dude punch the Warriors fan in the nuts. At least you’d be face to face. What a coward.

The Toronto Tavern should give this Warriors fan drinks for free for having to deal with the nasty people in Toronto.