Fat Chicks Protesting Outside Victoria's Secret Because They're Ugly


Daily MailA group of protestors stripped down to their bras and underwear on Saturday outside a Victoria’s Secret store in San Francisco, California, to protest media representations of ‘perfect’ bodies. The members of About-Face, an organization promoting positive body images, wanted to send the message that women don’t need to look like super-toned and ultra-thin Victoria’s Secret models in order to be attractive. Protestors proudly took to Facebook and Twitter to share photos of themselves, half-clothed and carrying motivational signs that said: ‘I pledge to love my body’. The demonstration, which was organized mostly via Facebook, was called Operation Real Bodies Real Love: About-Face Action of Body Acceptance and Self-Love. Jennifer Berger, executive director of the organization, told ABC7 that their message was: ‘Not everybody needs to be like that in order to be attractive, in order to be awesome in general.’

Listen, pigs. Nobody’s telling you not to love your fat selves. If fooling yourself is a better option than making an effort to look something other than repulsive or punching your own ticket with an anti-depressant overdose, go for it. Just stop acting like the bombshells of Victoria’s Secret are your problem. You all can find a dick to put in you. Yes, even the orca with the pink balls on her head. As crazy as it sounds, there’s dudes that’ll fuck her too. So what’s the problem? Can’t you just leave well enough alone? Your man strokes it to chicks you’d trade lives with in a heartbeat…boo hoo. Humiliating yourselves isn’t gonna change the definition of attractive, and the media didn’t create it. My junk didn’t need to be trained to move to this – just let it go: