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All The Gloria: A Small St. Louis Blues Bar In NYC Goes Apeshit For Their Home Team

For Game 5 I traveled down to Philadelphia to the Jacks Mummers Club (turned NorthEast Blues paradise), but I couldn’t get back down there for Game 7. Wanting to be part of the action & see the Bruins go down in real time at a place with a strong vibe, I looked up what was happening in NYC.

“Wood & Ales” down on 14th St. popped up so after work, as Donnie Does headed to the nearest Taco Bell, I headed that-a-ways. It was a small, basement level hole in the wall & I was stopped by an intimidating bouncer at the steps who told me they were at capacity.

Luckily Alice, one of the founders of the “St. Louis Blues Fans In NYC” club heard my pleas & got me in. (Just as shocked as you that my looks weren’t enough, I know…).

Fun note – it turns out I was standing next to Jim Edmonds (famous for his own Game 7 moves btw) for the whole 3rd Period & had no idea. Wish I hadn’t asked him “if he liked St. Louis stuff”. He does.

Anyways, from puck drop to Stanley Cup acquisition – here’s how it played out:

The final moments after the win are recorded on my Instagram Live, but there was confetti, silly string, & beer flying everywhere. Grown men were crying, women were screaming, and everyone was hugging & cheering. I was only there as a fair-weather fan, but that weather was delightful. The only clouds on the horizon? Dave & the Boston gang heading back towards the office.

In closing, I have to say that these are the moments I love most about sports. The majority of these fans were 1,000 miles away from their loved ones in Saint Louis, but felt like they were home. Congrats to the Blues. Dance Boris, Dance!