FanDuel NHL Saturday Has $4,000 In Prizes This Week!

Another week of the wildly popular NHL FanDuel. I’m always set the bar pretty low when it comes to these. Talk about how I suck at fantasy sports and don’t play them. Well I’m pretty confident in this week’s team. Took the whole Bergeron line because as far as I’m concerned they’re the hottest team in the league right now. Probably give me like 100 points.

It’s a perfect weekend for FanDuel. Got a snow storm and a matinee game. So pick your team team, grab a case of beers, and watch hockey all day on Saturday while your ban account stacks up. Doesn’t get better than that.


1.     $4000 in prizes, $800 for first

2.     178 spots, prizes down to 17th place

3.     $25 to join, up to five entries allowed

4.     Starts on Saturday at 1pm EST