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Those Damn Self-Obsessed Millennials Are Now Going On ‘Solomoons’ Before Getting Married

When Julia Lushing traveled from Chelsea to Los Angeles in March — right before her April wedding — she wasn’t flanked by girls in “Bride tribe” tank tops.

Instead, the 34-year-old got off the plane alone and headed straight for the Ashram, a health-and-spa retreat outside of LA.

That was where she spent a weeklong “solomoon,” doing yoga, drinking tea, going to bed early and working on her meditation practice.

“I didn’t realize how stressful wedding planning was going to be, so I needed some time to myself to decompress,” Lushing tells The Post. Instead of a bachelorette party, “all I wanted to do was get away from everything and everyone, and de-stress.”

I know us millennials are the absolute worst people in the entire world, and we’ve killed everything from the restaurant industry to handshakes, but this is something we FIXED. I bet even old and gross people will agree that this is a really good idea. Well, partially. I saw that there are two different variations of the “solomoon”. The first type being that as soon as you get married, both the husband and wife go on their own separate vacations to get away from each other for a couple weeks. That is quite honestly the single dumbest idea in the history of the world. That is the time when you’re supposed to have SEX. Could you imagine being a virgin your entire life (looking at you Benintendi16), and then instead of going to Mexico for a week after getting married, heading off to climb a mountain by yourself? I’d rather jump off it.

The second definition of solomoon, which our featured friend Julia uses in the article, is where just before your wedding, you go clear your mind and do something you’ve always wanted to do. This is awesome. I could see someone making the point that this is just called a vacation…..but the point remains the same. When you get married, you undoubtedly lose a piece of yourself. Everything goes from being about you to being about you and your spouse. So why not take one last chance to do something you’ve always wanted? And by searching #solomoon on Instagram, it appears like that is exactly what millenials are doing.

Lots of chicks doing it, to be honest. But I like the idea for guys too. Because you know that when you’re married, your vacation isn’t going to be to go do a stadium trip of the Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, and Phillies. Your wife will bitch until she’s blue in the face. And even if she let’s you go, then you owe her something and she’ll hang it over your head. So why not do it before you get married and have that trip to yourself? I like this idea. I am IN on solomoons.