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Kevin Durant Confirmed He Had Surgery To Repair A Ruptured Achilles In A Sad Ass Instagram Post





Son of a BITCH! I know this sound naive, stupid, and just plain old ridiculous because that’s how the brains of sports fans work. But I actually thought that maybe, just maybe Kevin Durant was going to escape with maybe not the absolute worst case scenario when it came to his achilles, no matter how many hours of sleep I’ve lost after seeing this video (the honest answer is legitimately about 6 hours by the way because I’ve had a pit in my stomach since Monday night).

Instead as the caption and that sad ass hospital picture shows, it was just as bad as we feared when Bob Myers went up and did his press conference after the game

Okay, it wasn’t as bad as we feared because you would have thought KD died if you had no clue what happened during the game and only saw Myers’ press conference. But it still sucks.

I know this sounds like a joke but I truly do hope that KD loses himself online over the next few days in recovery because all this injury did was help how the internet views him. It’s crazy that winning back-to-back championships and NBA Finals MVPs couldn’t do for his image what a catastrophic injury could. But again, sports fans are idiots. Anyway, at least KD’s getting his just due from idiots like us on the internet now that people no longer think he was willfully sitting out a championship series to prove a point or needed to be reminded just how unstoppable the Warriors look when they have a 7 foot unicorn raining threes from behind the arc.

Get better KD and if I hear any of my coworkers call you a Triple B ever again, I will give them a Wet Willy. That’s my promise to you.