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Ranking All Seventeen 20th Century Fox Marvel Movies


With the release of ‘Dark Phoenix’, we have semi-officially (I’m convinced ‘New Mutants’ will never be released) seen the end of a cinematic era. Disney officially has the reigns over the 20th Century Fox’s Marvel properties, reportedly wiping the slate clean of everything except Deadpool. Now, they’ve made a lot of bad comic book movies but also some redeemable ones. I decided to do a little retrospective with my fellow Big Time Movie Boy Jeff D. Lowe and added on fellow authority Robbie Fox as well. If you want to see our review of Dark Phoenix, you can find it here.
Fantastic Four

We recently interviewed the director ‘X-Men: First Class’ and producer of this film, Matthew Vaughn, who was very blunt about how he feels about it. It’s super forgetable and boring considering the cast, but it may have just been because it was a studio project by committee.


I totally forgot that I saw this in theaters. Am I just as intrigued now by low-rise jeans as I was as a horny middle schooler? Yes. Was this a competently made movie? Absolutely the fuck not.

Fitting that these came in back to back. It was the start and somehow also the end of Affleck and Gardners relationship in addition to be a total pile of crap. Fortunately, the character was redeemed by the Netflix series which is cool as hell. FF2

The decision to use Galactus this early into franchise and the follow up decision to make him a big-ass cloud is still insane to me. Thank god everyone went on to do better things. Evans has Captain America, Alba has the Honest Company, Chiklis had the shield, Doug Jones had ‘The Shape of Water’, and Ioan Gruffudd is presumably herding sheep in Wales or something. OriginsWolverine

This is one of my all-time favorite bad movies. It looked like crap, it was paced like crap and best of all it was on FX basically every single day. The best part of the whole movie was the beginning sequence where Wolverine and Sabretooth fight through history. Fucking legend. Also, this movie spelled the end for Gambit RIP in piece. Apocalypse

Man, what a swing and miss. Oscar Isaac is one of my favorite actors and just did not work in this shitty costume uber villain role. The redeemable parts of this movie for me are Magneto’s relapse/Auschwitz and the Quicksilver mansion scene. Both were awesome, but not enough to save this from being mostly shit. FantasticFour

I remember watching this as a kid and thinking it was pretty cool, and then watching it again slightly older and realizing it sort of sucked. Dr. Doom is one of the coolest comic book villains and he is yet to be done correctly. One of Disney’s first big challenges is going to be getting this franchise right.

Full review here. It’s not nearly as bad as critics say, but it is also just not good. XMenLastStand

Best parts from this movie: Magneto trashing the bridge and my BOY Vinnie Jones saying the iconic “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” line. Pretty much everything else sucked, but Famke Janssen definitely did a better job portraying the super-dark Phoenix thanks to the better scripting of the film. the wolverine

Lame villain and plot, but damn were these fight scenes cool. Logan fighting off Yakuze on the train and at the funeral along with his later 1v1 with Yashida were great. More importantly, it was a good test run for director James Mangold before ‘Logan’. Deadpool2

Full Review Here. We say it all the time on LCB, sequels to good movies are extremely hard to do. This was just as fun as the original but not as complete of an overall movie. It’s the role Ryan Reynold was born for and delivers all the laughs you want and more, though. XMen

There is a lot about this that sucks, namely Toad. But this was also pretty groundbreaking for the genre as it showed comic book movies could make a shit ton of money. In my opinion, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman are about as perfect as it gets as far as casting. Everyone else is meh, but god damn if they didn’t nail those three and turn them into really iconic characters. X2There is a lot of great scenes in X2 I can name off the top of my head. Nightcrawler invading the White House, Magneto’s escape from prison, Wolverine vs Deathstrike, Jean’s sacrifice. Another great sequel that was unfortunately succeeded by X3’s garbo.


As perfectly casted as Stewart and McKellen are, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are just as great in the iconic roles of Professor X and Magneto. I had super-low expectations going into it and the movie blew them all away. The best part’s were Magneto killing Shaw and later turning all the missiles/shells against the navies was so god damn great.

The first turley R-rated comic book movie was a true delight. It’s hysterically funny, has great action and a simple, no-bullshit plot. Hey Ryan Reynolds, I know you’re reading this. Remember you used to follow my old account before it got taken down by Drake? Just letting you know you can follow me at twitter.com/jackkennedyDaysOfFuture

My expectations were vaulted after First Class, and boy did this deliver. The meeting of the two generations was a great payoff, and the suspense throughout the movie was fucking great. Any time you can get a true battle against the clock like that to work, the payoff is always amazing. Logan

There’s really no other way to describe Logan other than it’s just the best. Easily one of the best comic book movies of all time and it places in a lot of people’s #1 spot. In fact, I’ll shut up and just give you a bunch of clips to watch.

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