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It Appears Michael Scott Has Chosen Jim Over Pam (Smart Choice)

Well it appears Michael Scott has made a choice between his favorite couple Jim and Pam and he sure as shit made the right choice. Steve Carell tweeted out a picture of him in a Bruins hat this morning to show his support for his hometown Bruins ahead of tonight’s big Game 7.

Carell, who grew up in Acton, Massachusetts was actually pretty good at hockey during his playing days playing at The Middlesex School then in the ACHA at Denison university.

A big hockey fan who seemed to always try to work the sport into his role on the office has joined John Krasinski who grew up in Newton, Massachusetts against Jenna Fischer and Phyllis Smith (Phyllis) who both grew up in St. Louis.

That segment NBC did with Jenna Fischer the other night in between periods of Game 6 was pretty brutal to be honest, hopefully Carell can bring the heat if they track him down tonight. Would be gold if he just went full Michael Scott for the interview.