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Buffalo Sabres Owner Terry Pegula Gets Super Butt Hurt After The Panthers Make A Few Blizzard Jokes In A Pregame Video


SUNRISE, Fla.Terry Pegula was upset before the Sabres played Florida on Saturday night. He didn’t have much to be happy about at the end with a 3-2 loss. The Panthers incensed Buffalo’s owner with a pregame video shown on the BB&T Center scoreboard. To highlight the difference between South Florida and Western New York, the Panthers interspersed clips of Snowvember with videos of Florida’s mascot lounging in the sun. “People died in that storm,” Pegula, a Florida resident, told Panthers General Manager Dale Tallon during a press-box conversation held within earshot of Miami Herald reporter George Richards. “That’s not funny.”

I’ll give Terry Pegula some benefit of the doubt real quick because admittedly, his life kinda sucks (besides the whole being rich part). I can’t imagine having to own the Bills AND the Sabres and still have to look myself in the mirror every day. But come the fudge on, dude. You actually had to break out the “People died in that storm” card on this one? Yeah, that’s a tragedy. Innocent dead people are rarely funny. But for the life of me I simply cannot understand why anyone would ever want to live in Buffalo. How do they continuously have a population? It’s easily one of my Top 5 places in America that I never want to visit. The weather sucks, the Bills suck, the Sabres suck. I’m sure there are a lot of nice people, but taking all things into consideration, living in Buffalo is just ill-advised. But if you’re from that godforsaken city, you just have to own that. Wear your shittyness like a badge of honor. Kind of like how if you’re from Philly, you just have to own people always saying your city is the greatest place on Planet Earth. You can’t go around getting the most butt hurt anyone has ever been every time someone points that fact out to you because that shows weakness. And if your owner is a mental midget, that trickles down through the whole system. The Panthers had the Sabres right where they wanted them before the puck even dropped, and it showed with their 3-2 victory. I understand wanting to stand up for your people, but there are ways to go about that without ordering a couple of Wahburgers and some French Cries.