Miss Utah Bombs Her Question

In case you missed it last nite, Miss Utah entered into the Miss USA Hall of Shame with her question about how man still make more money than women. Could not have scripted it any better. The feminists probably burst into flames last nite watching this show. Not only are these chicks strutting around with their tits and their ass out objectifying the shit out of themselves, as soon as they open their mouths you realize they are as dumb as a balloon. What a perfect question too. You listen to Miss Utah’s rambling incoherent response and you got your fucking answer why men make more money than women. She should have just been like “Girls are too dumb to be the breadwinners” and it would have had the same effect. Set back the feminist movement back like 20 years.

And what a classic smile at the 25 second mark from this chick. Just screams “I’m in over my head right now and this is where I usually flash a little smile and giggle and let guys know they can have sex with me if they want to and then it doesn’t really matter what nonsense is pouring out of my mouth.” Good job, good effort, Utah. Now cue the motherfuckin music, like such as!