Wake Up With Mo Vaughn Hitting A Moonshot Off Of The Third Deck In Toronto

I loved watching Mo Vaughn hit for a few reasons. One of them is how far he would hit homers, tank shots, no doubters, bomb squads, rain makers. Another reason was I could never figure out how he hit homers like that with his head sideways. I could barely stand up in his batting stance, let alone swing and hit a 95+ mph fastball. Insane. Also, why do I remember him being much fatter, like huge? This was from 1995, and honestly he looks damn good. Nice and slim. I always remembered him being close to 6 bills. The sound of this hit was something else too, so damn loud. It's always great when you see the fans turning their backs on the field and sprinting up the stands to get the ball, always a good sign that you really tagged one. Vaughn was one of the best power hitters of the '90s, and it's easy to see why. A guy that big and strong, with a swing like that. All it takes is a little contact and that ball was flying.