If You Complain About Team USA Running Up The Score During The World Cup Then Go Fuck Yourself

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Team USA had their opening game of the 2019 Women’s World Cup today. They won 13-0. 13 goals. World Cup record. They played Thailand and the spread coming in was USA by 5.5 goals. That’s a preposterous spread for a soccer match. You just don’t see that, especially in the World Cup. They more than doubled that spread somehow. NOT ENOUGH!

Now I’m sure there are going to be a few morons out there who say it’s disrespectful to run up the score. At some point enough is enough they’ll say. If you twitter search “USA running up score” you’ll find a bunch of these buffoons. Well you know what the tiebreaker is for this group? Goal differential. You know who else plays Thailand? Everyone else in the group. Everyone is going to have their shot to run it up on Thailand. Never let up, especially at this level. It’s idiotic not to.

I’m sure Deadspin or some other site is going to write something about how disgusting this was and that Alex Morgan should be ashamed of herself for scoring five times. To anyone with that thinking? Eat shit. Run that score up baby! If you can score 20, score 20. I think it’s more disrespectful if a team clearly isn’t trying to score on you. You’re in the World Cup. Who gives a shit about the other team’s feelings? Step on their throats and never let up.