One of the All Time Great Sex Scandal Teachers Pleads Guilty




You know, I’ve been sort of reluctant to talk any more about Hall of Fame Sex Scandal Teacher Brittany Zamora. Not because she’s not worthy. Just because she is the most updated teacher in the long and glorious history of Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher blogs. So when I got flooded today with yet another chapter in her ongoing saga, I resisted. I have other, admittedly lesser educators boning other students who also deserve their time in the sun. So I was going to post one today.

Then I remembered something I once said to my brother when he advised me against writing a comprehensive book about the bizarre history of the Patriots (get them for Father’s Day cha-ching!) because others have been written. I told him there have been other books written about World War II, cooking, Lincoln, romance, self help, or a thousand other topics. Does that mean no one should ever write another? When the subject is truly great in a world-changing kind of way, it’s deserving of being examined and re-examined for as long as the thirst for knowledge exists in the human mind, heart and genitalia.

Which brings us to the latest on the legendary Brittany Z:

 An Arizona sixth-grade teacher admitted to having an ongoing sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy in her class.

Brittany Zamora pleaded guilty to sexual conduct with a minor, molestation of a child and public sexual indecency, according to online court records. …

The victim’s stepmother told police that she noticed that the boy was acting suspiciously and wanting to shut his door at night. She said she installed a parental monitoring app called “Sentry” on his phone and subsequently began getting alerts about inappropriate texts, so she confronted the boy. He told his stepmother that he had sexual contact with Zamora, according to the police reports.

According to court records, Brittany Zamora, a 27-year-old instructor at Las Brisas Academy, sent several sexually-charged texts to the sixth grader.

In one exchange, the boy texted Zamora, saying that he wanted to have sex with her. “I know baby!” she responded, according to court records. “I want you every day with no time limit.”

In another exchange, she texted him that “If I could quit my job and [have sex with] you all day long, I would.”

Police also say Zamora sent the boy naked photos and at least one picture of herself in lingerie.

The sexual relationship soon became more daring.

Police say Zamora played an educational video during one of her classes, according to documents first obtained by the Arizona Republic. While the video played, police say that Zamora and the victim sexually fondled each other in the back of the classroom.

According to police interviews, the victim and his friend stayed after school at Las Brisas Academy one day to prepare for a talent show. When the two boys were alone with Zamora in her classroom, they told police Zamora began kissing the 13-year-old, and asked his friend to stay in the room and be a lookout before they had sex. …

Under the plea agreement, she could spend up to 12 years in prison.

According to online records, Zamora will be sentenced on July 12.

And so there you have it. A guilty plea. Meaning an admission before God and the state of Arizona under oath that she did everything she’s accused of. And even with that plea, she’s looking at as many as 12 years in jail. A sentence that probably would’ve been double that if she took it to trial and lost.

I’ll admit that’s not a ton of new information. But it further cements her place among the all time greats. Like how, with the passage of time you sometimes gain perspective on a retired player’s career and realize he belongs in the Hall of Fame. Think Jim Rice. That guilty plea is the adjusted average that puts Brittany Zamora into the conversation of the Greatest of All Time. And that alone is worth the blog.