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Imagine Being So Pathetic You Talk Shit To Steph Curry's Mom

Jesus can things get any worse for Raptors fans right now? Especially after Steph Curry tried to do his best to paint a better picture of the city and the fanbase in his postgame comments you’re going to come out and talk shit to this man’s mom? It’s almost like they forgot that Dell played for the fucking Raptors or something. Ever hear about respecting your elders or maybe ya know not being a gigantic dickhead? Two options available to every person in this video despite their refusal to use their brains and think rationally.

Things brings up two types of people that I find very strange. The first is people who wait forever outside of hotels in hopes of running into a famous player or person. That seems like a gigantic waste of time to me. I was never one to wait in gigantic lines or anything like that for autographs and really I don’t see the appeal of stalking a hotel. Then you have the people who do this in hopes of talking shit to whoever they see. Those people are gigantic losers in my opinion. If this was a player or something OK maybe I can see someone being drunk and talking shit, but it’s very clear who this is coming out of that SUV and good on Sonya Curry for giving it right back. I have no doubt if she was allowed to she would have gone over there and beat the shit out of these pathetic Raptors hecklers. This is so sad for a wide variety of reasons but the fact that the they were clowning a family that has ties to the very franchise they are repping is what makes this so funny for us and so sad for those people.

You can hate the Warriors. You can hate Steph Curry. But don’t you dare come after Sonya. It is widely accepted she is a basketball goddess and not only that you just come off looking like a gigantic asshole. Not to mention do you think Steph is going to take kindly to this the second he sees this video? Whoever was out there talking shit probably doesn’t realize they just most likely signed the Raptors death wish. If you don’t think Curry is going to take this personal and absolutely murder the hopes and dreams of these assholes you have another thing coming.