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Barstool Blackout Is Hitting The Bayou! NOLA Early Bird Tickets On Friday At Noon!


HUGE announcement earlier today: April 12th at The Sugar Mill we’re tossing a Barstool Blackout in New Orleans. This might be the most excited I’ve ever been for a Blackout to date. I LOVE New Orleans. You add all of Blackout’s debaucherous behavior to a town where it’s practically the motto and you’ve got yourself an amount of chaos that no levies could hold.

Early Bird tickets Friday at Noon. Be near a computer.

And don’t forget, we’re Blacking Out the state of Florida practically all month. As long as you’re not some loser who’s staying home for Spring Break you’d be an absolute fool to miss it. Only thing that rivals NOLA + Blackout is Spring Break + FOAM.

Panama City Beach – MARCH 11

Panama City Beach – MARCH 18

Panama City Beach – MARCH 25th