Publicist Says Bynes Meltdown Is All An Act


Daily MailShe’s had a very public meltdown, complete with head-shaving and an arrest. But now it seems Amanda Bynes is claiming the whole thing was a desperate publicity stunt. On Thursday night she apparently sent a series of text messages to her friend Jonathan Jaxson – who promptly posted them on his Twitter account. In them she appears to admit her increasingly strange behaviour was nothing more than a childish ploy to increase her fame and gain more Twitter followers in advance of a movie role. In one text to Hollywood publicist Jonathan, she writes: ‘All this has been an act and you know it! I am an actress and know what I am doing.’ In another she types: ‘I got to 2 million followers and now everyone wants me, I am smart and not stupid. Everyone mentions my name. The world loves me!’ Given Amanda’s previous highly publicised dramas, it’s hard to know if she is being genuine or not. If it is, she is likely to infuriate fans who have been worried about her mental health in recent months.

Bynes has officially jumped the shark. Who knows whether or not this is true but I don’t care anymore. I started to get the feeling that she was trolling everyone a few weeks ago, because she was just so outrageous every time she opened her mouth. In a way, Bynes is kind of like a Barstool Commenter:

There’s a 50% chance she’s just saying outrageous shit on purpose to get attention, and there’s a 50% chance she’s an actual fucking lunatic.

I’d say 1 out of every 2 Stool commenters would actual suck farts out of some chick’s ass, while the other half are just saying it for effect. Just like Bynes could potentially want her vagina murdered by Drake and could hate Rihanna because she’s black, but she also may be saying it all on purpose to get the headlines. Round and round we go. The dance continues. Who knows.

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