Burger King Employee Is Caught Mopping Tables

I’m going to actually do the unthinkable and give this guy a little bit of the benefit of the doubt. It’s closing time. He’s had a steady 8 hours of dumping fries out of the fryer, putting cheese on Whoppers, telling kids to slow down running around in the play place, etc.

It’s now the end of the night where he most likely is having one of those days where he still hears a million people talking and the fryers beeping even though the restaurant is dead quiet. Or maybe he’s listening to music and got a little too carried away with whatever Alanis Morrisette song he was listening to, and saw a spot on the table so he wiped it up with the mop without even thinking about it.

Is it great? Nope.

Is it gross? Certainly.

But, is it the grossest thing in that playplace? Absolutely not.

Kids shit in those things regularly then track out the shit with their feet and are dropping fries where said shit was and still eating them. There’s also just a ton of barefootedness (no idea if that’s a word) going on in general so this lady needs to get off her high horse saying how appalled she is because when you go into one of those things or Chuck E Cheese or wherever you know exactly what the hell you’re getting into.

It’s hand sanitizer on deck or run the risk of getting sick 100% of the time with or without Mop Man taking his mop to the table tops.