This Video Of A Young Kawhi Leonard Is A Complete Mindfuck

I’m sorry, who was that? It says Kawhi Leonard, and it looks and sounds like Kawhi Leonard, but my brain is having a hard time believing that’s actually Kawhi Leonard. Listen to him! He said more in that 2:20 video than he has in his entire NBA career and it’s not even close. The personality, the willingness to talk, the enthusiasm, it all is just so weird to see and hear given what we are exposed to now

Try and tell me that’s the same person. I know we on the internet joke about how the Spurs turned Kawhi into a basketball robot, but I’m starting to think that’s not a joke. Something happened the minute he stepped into the Spurs facility and Pop got his hands on Kawhi because he came out the other end an emotionless stone cold killer. I’m sure young Kawhi thought basketball was about having fun and showing your personality and little did he know that he was going to be the Spurs test subject for some sort shady business that ultimately produces people who care about nothing else other than basketball and beating their opponent. I’m sure young Kawhi even knew how to laugh like a normal person but as we know he had to be reprogrammed from the ground up once he got drafted.

Some might say maybe Kawhi just matured as he got older but those are probably the same people who will try and tell you aliens don’t exist. I’m sure Kawhi makes this tradeoff again in a heartbeat even if he had to trade in his actual heart for some sort of alternative power source. The man is on the brink of his second Finals MVP, is about to become a God in an entire city, and oh yeah is a few weeks away from signing for max money if he chooses. Just remember there was a time when Kawhi was just like the rest of us, even if that’s hard to believe.