"It's A Roller Coaster You Just Gotta Ride It" Charlie McAvoy Perfectly Sums Up The Stanley Cup Final

Just a refreshingly honest answer about the highs and lows of the Stanley Cup Final from Chuckie Bright Lights. Perfectly summed up.

“Man, I’m going through this and this is my first Stanley Cup and it’s just a lot, you know, I’m just gonna be honest with you. The emotions of it all- like crap- it’s a lot. Our backs are against the wall. You have so many mixed emotions. You do whatever it takes. This is your dream to win this thing. When your backs are against the wall and you know they’re one away it hurts a little bit. But I think- I got a different perspective when our guys stepped up and just talked. It was an element of honesty to it.. about being in this position… knowing that if we just do our jobs, we’re a family, we believe in each other and we all love each other and just the thought of it being over tonight was terrifying. We come all this way… we come together when it matters.. I think tonight was a good example of that. We’re thankful, we’re blessed we have a chance to play in Game 7 now. It’s gonna be the same thing. It’s a lot. It’s a rollercoaster and you just gotta ride it.”

Charlie had a hell of a Game 6, saving goals, denying chances, eating minutes.

One more. Just gotta believe one more time.