Pizza Delivery Man Is Pissed He Only Got A $10 Tip On A $15,000 Order

(Reddit)My friend delivers 85 pizzas today and was tipped 10 bucks.


What is the norm for a pizza tip? Obviously this order is an exception and the tip is low, but on your run of the mill pizza order how far do you go? I’m generally a really good tipper just because I have an inherent desire for people to like me, even if it takes me buying their affection (comment section: email me your PayPal accounts). But pizza I max out at 5 bucks. Generally more in the 3-4 realm unless it’s really shitty out.

Once, Pizza Boy from Barstool NY said that it’s the same tip as a restaurant. Which is absolutely insane as far as I’m concerned. Did you come and check up on me multiple times throughout the meal? Did you make sure my drink was always full? Ask if I wanted dessert? Were you a hot chick who let me entertain the idea that you wanted to fuck me? No? OK then I’m not giving you a restaurant tip. Comparing pizza boys to waiters is like comparing strippers to hookers: yeah you gave me a quick fix but ultimately you didn’t stick around to get the whole job done.