Does This Look Like The Face Of A Dude With A Bullet In His Head Who Wants To Marry The Broad Who Put It There?


NY PostRandolph Costa says he’s still too enamored of his girlfriend to testify against her at her Brooklyn criminal trial — although she allegedly put a bullet in his head during an argument over money. “I’m just hoping they drop this order of protection so we can get married . . . We love each other,” Costa told The Post yesterday. The 59-year-old Bushwick man still has the “love” bullet lodged near his spine. “I’d be crazy to testify against her,” he said. Evelyn Barnave, 43, blasted Costa as she sat in her car in Crown Heights on Jan. 11, 2011, and he reached in through the window — then left him in the street, sped off and ditched the gun, prosecutors charge. But while Costa initially fingered Barnave as his shooter, he has since refused to cooperate with prosecutors. “We feel the same way: Everything was an accident,” said Costa, who insists he will never testify against the unemployed Barnave, whom he met on a subway platform five years ago. A police source said Barnave got rid of the firearm, undercutting the couple’s claims the shooting was “an accident.” “There’s no gun. She made the gun disappear,” the source said. In a handwritten statement made the day of the shooting, Barnave said Costa was trying to punch her through the car window as the couple fought over their joint checking account. “I stuck my hand out the window. I heard the gun go off. I did not even realize that I hit him,” Barnave said in the statement, which also details Costa’s AIDS-positive status.

First of all, this bitch is terrifying:


But that’s my opinion based on nothing more than a photo & a gunshot. No one knows the good that Evelyn brings to the table like Randolph does. Sure, it sounds completely insane on the surface to want to marry the psycho who shot you in the face & left you for dead. But if people bailed on their relationships because everyone said their chick is bad news, we’d all be single.  Besides, we’re talking about a 59 year-old dude with AIDS. Does he want to spend the rest of his days losing T cells all alone? Of course not. If Evelyn’s willing to get over him trying to punch her in the snot box, there’s no reason for him to hold a grudge over a silly little “love bullet”. Is she completely full of shit about wanting to be with him just so she can beat an attempted murder rap? Probably. Will she finish the job? Probably. But what’s love if not a leap of faith?