New Broad Trying To Swim To Cuba...Guess What Happened?

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HAVANA (AP) Australian endurance swimmer Chloe McCardel ended her attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida after 11 hours in the water when she was stung by a jellyfish Wednesday night. It was the fifth failure involving three women swimmers who have tried to make the marathon swim since 2011. Jellyfish stings and strong currents have been the main impediments. Her support team released a statement saying that McCardel stopped her effort to become the first person to swim across the Straits of Florida nonstop without a shark cage “due to a severe debilitating jellyfish sting.” It said she had been taken on to one of her support vessels and was sailing to Key West. She would need 24 hours to recuperate, it said. Diana Nyad, an endurance athlete who failed three times to make the same crossing and has said she’d like to take another shot this summer, tweeted her commiseration. “It’s a tough night for Chloe McCardel, a superior swimmer and an exemplary spirit,” Nyad wrote. McCardel, a 28-year-old from Melbourne, had hoped to complete the swim in about 60 hours.

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Once a year some white bitch tries to swim a hundred miles through shark infested waters and she undoubtedly fails. 0 for one. 0 for two. 0 for three. Now Diana Nyad passed the torch to some other bitch who got stung by a jellyfish immediately and had to get pulled from the water. Looks like Chloe McCardel is gonna be the new idiot who tries this every summer even though there’s no way some white American woman can pull it off. See this is the thing – when you’re just some asshole swimmer chick who wants to set a record, the fear of drowning and being stung eventually gets you yanked out of the water. You need some real motivation to power through that. Like a Cuban defector trying to escape a Communist Dictatorship and swimming for their life. Those motherfuckers could probably do laps in the Gulf like it was Free Swim at the Y. Its like those Sherpas that climb Mount Everest like twice a week. Ain’t no big deal for them.

So here’s till next year, folks! Same time, same place – we’ll make fun of white broads who try to swim to Cuba and make it like 2 miles off the coast of Florida.