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So OJ Simpson Is Living The High Life These Days


For a man who once lived for the spotlight, Simpson has been keeping a largely low profile since his release from prison in October 2017 after serving nine years for a robbery-kidnapping conviction in Las Vegas. He continues to believe his conviction and sentence for trying to steal back his own memorabilia were unfair but says, “I believe in the legal system and I honored it. I served my time.”

After his release from the prison in Lovelock, Nevada, many expected him to return to Florida where he had lived for several years. But friends in Las Vegas persuaded him to stay there despite the case that landed him in prison.

He’s glad he did.

“The town has been good to me,” Simpson said. “Everybody I meet seems to be apologizing for what happened to me here.”

He plays golf almost every day and said he is a member of a club of “retired guys” who compete with each other on the golf course. The knees that helped him run to football glory at the University of Southern California and with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills have been replaced and he recently had Lasik surgery on his eyes. But nearing his 72nd birthday, he is otherwise healthy.

What a life OJ has lived.  I mean the guy is a fucking idiot, got a literal get out of jail free card and only to ruin it with his armed robbery conviction, but that doesn’t matter one bit to him.  Nope.  Dude’s yuckin’ it up on the golf course every day, chillin’ in Sin City without a care in the world.  Guarantee he laughs himself to sleep every night.

But really quick story here.  When I was 17 I went on a family trip to the Florida Keys with some family friends.  In total it was about 10 of us including an aunt, cousins, friends, etc.  Pretty fun time, lots of fishing.  Shit like that.  One night we were at this big ass tiki bar thing and my dad got HAMMERED drunk.  There were shots flying, beers guzzled, etc.

Then it happened: in walks OJ Simpson.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Van Morrison – Brown Eye’d Girl was playing on the juke box and OJ strolled through the door singing it with the biggest smile in the history of smiles on his face.  Imagine the most happy person you’ve ever seen – OJ was happier.  Just the happiest dude of all time in that exact moment.

So what does my dad do?  He walks up to him and shakes his hand.  They talked for maybe 30 seconds, probably just slurred words from my dad, until OJ and his crew walked to some back room.  My mom went absolutely BALLISTIC on my dad.  “WAS THAT THE HAND HE KILLED HER WITH?!?!?”  I’m talking she screamed this at the top of her lungs in the middle of a crowded restaurant with OJ no more than 30 feet away.  He sat there in awe not understanding why she was freaking out and was so drunk he couldn’t muster up any words.  He just sat there looking like one of those text emojis


As her eyes burned with rage and steam left her ears, she stormed out of the restaurant and didn’t say a word to my dad the entire rest of the trip.

Was her reaction justified?  Probably, but it was beyond funny at the time and we still laugh about it to this day.  DISCLAIMER: my dad does not endorse what OJ *probably (definitely) did*.  And that’s my OJ Simpson story.

My parents got divorced a year later.