The Best Way To Combat Mosquitoes This Summer: Pump That Skrillex

(ABCNEWS10) – Forget bug spray, a new study found that Skrillex songs could protect you against mosquito bites this summer!

Reseachers examined the effects of electronic music (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex) on mosquitoes and whether it made them less likely to bite hosts.

According to the study, those subjected to the music had a lower chance of getting bit than those not subject to the music.   

“Sound and its reception are crucial for reproduction, survival, and population maintenance of many animals. In insects, low-frequency vibrations facilitate sexual interactions, whereas noise disrupts the perception of signals from conspecifics and hosts,” researchers wrote in the paper.

Summer is here, well in many parts of the country at least. Chicago was still raining and 60 degrees this weekend. Anyways, there is nothing better than sitting outside with your by the lake with an ice cold miller lite as your enjoying the last few glimpses of sunlight when it’s almost 9pm at night. The grill is going, beers are flowing, you’re shirt is on because it’s night time so you’re feeling okay about your body. It’s the best. The only bad thing about that scenario is the mosquitoes. Virtually impossible to stop mosquitoes. They’re an unstoppable force of misery in the summer time. You can do the bug spray which absolutely STINKS and god forbid you get it in your mouth

bad taste gif

Those tiki torches or aladin lamps are kinda cool and definitely add to the ambiance, but they ain’t cheap and…I don’t think they even work that well. So you’re out of options as a tiny little fly infects you and tries to drain your blood until you kill it leaving it bug guts all over your skin. You’re itchy. You’re irritated. And guess what…that is still better than putting on Skrillex. Skrillex is apparently a concussion bomb for bugs. It gets them all disoriented. According to this study if you put on Skrillex the mosquitoes are way less likely to go for blood and they also want to fuck less. So, winning the war on two fronts, but the problem is that you have to listen to Skrillex too. Which, at times, ironically enough sounds exactly like that high pitched buzz you get when a mosquito flies DIRECTLY into your ear. That mosquito sound lasts for one second max, while Skrillex cuts last 3-5 minutes. Can’t have it. I’d rather have a mosquito fly up my dick hole than turn my peaceful lakeside golden hour hangout into Paris Club. Scientists need to find an Alan Jackson song that repells insects, and then I’ll be down.