A Big Ten Baseball Team Is Headed To Omaha For The 1st Time In 35 Years

The NCAA hosted Super Regionals this past weekend. It’s college baseball’s version of the Sweet 16 with the winner of each 3-game series headed to Omaha for a shot at the National Title. The last series to be decided was UCLA vs. Michigan with UCLA being the #1 program and Michigan being a bunch of overachieving Midwesterners. No one except me and pornstar Brandi Love thought the Wolverines stood a chance.

And rightfully so: UCLA hadn’t lost a 3-game series at home in over two years and entered Super Regionals 52-9 with basically every single pitcher going to professional baseball vs. a bunch of guys that are equally excited for tailgating Jim Harbaugh games this fall. No one saw this coming

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 7.02.05 AMAt this point I’d like to hand out some Beefs. As the resident division 1 baseball player around here, it’s my professional obligation to see appropriate credit makes the rounds so let’s get started:

Tommy Henry – Michigan’s starting pitcher gets a beef for throwing 7 strong innings of 2 ER.

The Shortstop – I’m getting nervous just watching the last play so he gets one (easy giard)

Dugout Cam / Dog Pile Cam Guy - you hold the camera for a dog pile, you get a B

Everyone in the official highlight video:

Our Most Viewed Michigan smokeshow of all time – obviously she gets a beef

Central Michigan – this guy isn’t even on Michigan but he still gets a beef because (1) hilarious and (2) he’s from Michigan so close enough.

Pres – I’m not writing a Michigan Is Going To Omaha blog and not giving Pres a beef. That’s just good business.

Omaha – The real winner here is the City of Omaha *waits for applause* … *doesn’t get* … you guys  are special


Brett Pirtle Kyle SchwarberSome call it the best venue in baseball.

Personally I’m here for the tailgating.