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Klay Thompson Is Reportedly 'Locked In' To Play With LeBron James

[Source] - Warriors star Klay Thompson is “locked in” to star in the film along with James, FOX Sports’ Jason McIntyre reported Saturday on “The Jason McIntyre Show.”

“Everybody thinks (Klay Thompson) is probably staying with the Warriors and I would agree with that,” McIntyre said. “But I heard some news this week that could change things. That Klay Thompson is now ‘locked in’ to do ‘Space Jam 2.’ I don’t think that news is anywhere.

“I Googled it last night, I went on the internet. Nobody has it. I do believe an announcement will come out after The Finals that Klay Thompson is committed to ‘Space Jam 2,’ he will be in the movie.”

In Space Jam 2 that is. Klay is locked in to play with LeBron in Space Jame 2. Not the Lakers, because no one apparently wants to play with LeBron in LA. All I know is landing Klay for Space Jam 2 would be a huge win. There have been reports that LeBron can’t find anyone to play with him but Klay is a star and would be huge

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Is this going to start the Warriors demise? I mean outside of losing game 5 and then Kevin Durant to the Knicks, will Klay teaming up with LeBron ruin the Splash Brothers? I understand why Klay wants the extra money but part of me is pissed off here.

The Warriors and LeBron had a great rivalry. There was trolling on both sides including Klay Thompson hating the Cavs. But, his favorite MJ story is Space Jam

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The real win will be if his new girlfriend shows up to the red carpet with him