WHOOPS! The St. Louis Post Dispatch Has Leaked A Bunch Of The Blues Stanley Cup Champions Stories And Parade Info

I’m not an idiot, I know every team does this. You have to. You can’t put together the plans for a celebration that will feature a million people in two days, you can’t write your thank yous to the fans after you chugged a bottle of champagne out of the Stanley Cup, and you can’t design all your t-shirts overnight. The Blues have all their party shit planned, yes, but so do the Bruins.

The difference here is you simply CANNOT let that shit leak. That’s why the Post Dispatch explanation is so insane, it wasn’t even an accident they just wanted to give some readers a sneak “peak” at what things could look like if they win. That is fucking bananas and inexcusable. The Stanley Cup is all the motivation you need but professional athletes are always looking for a little extra edge and the local paper just handed it to them on a silver platter, I can’t imagine how furious the Blues organization is about it.

It makes you realize how important experience is in a championship series, it’s nothing like a regular hockey game and that goes for the entire city. The Globe would never pull a stunt like this because they’ve been through the wars and seen others falter and get shamed. Championships demand the very best from coaching, players, media, and fans and the Post Dispatch just dropped the fuck out of the ball.

Shades of Belichick tonight, perhaps?