Humanity is Toast

The day has come upon us. The rise of the machines is coming and it’s just a matter of time before the robot overlords take over and squash us all.  We have Alexia plotting against us and laughing when we are sleeping. She hears everything she knows what our weaknesses are. The same is true for Siri, they are in fact of the same wavelength a real-life Skynet is forming around us and we are too blind to see it.  Now when we go to the supermarket namely Stop and Shop at Clifton Commons in New Jersey they have robots following and watching your every move.

Of course, they are there for security and to watch for shoplifters. However, will they be like Judge Dred, do they have a Death Lazer. I can see it now, those career criminal criminals get he pulls out a death ray, that is debatable it makes his victim look like he had a heart attack. If he comes across a younger victim, he just admits a brown noise, that causes the victim to shat himself.   Now I am not a shoplifter, I was scanning every item and putting them in my bags, as this store allows you to walk around and scan as you shop, a technology I wish every story would adopt, because it makes check out so much easier and unloading when you get home a breeze. However, look at those eyes imagine if he mistakes you for a shoplifter. The horror the horror.

I don’t know, but I think just to be safe we find a way to embrace our robot masters, and learn to love being controlled by those electronic overlords. So show some appreciation thank them in song.

My god those eyes, those googly eyes, where is John Connor when you need him.