People Are Going Into Debt To Be In Wedding Parties And It's Ruining Friendships

According to a new study, at least 30 percent of bridesmaids and groomsmen polled have gone into debt for a friend’s big day. What’s more, many bridesmaids said that the monetary obligations inherent to a role in a wedding party have strained their friendship with the bride, too.

AMEN. Look, I was in a wedding last weekend. Let’s talk about the costs of that little endeavor. First of all, it was in Cleveland. I live in Columbus. That meant I had to skip work on Friday in order to be on time for all of the rehearsal activities. COST: 1 “sick” day

Next, of course we all had to get matching tuxedos. Is there a bigger racket in this country than renting tuxedos? It cost damn near my portion of a months rent to wear one for ONE DAY. And I had to bring it back the very next morning, or else I’d be charged late fees. Forget blogging. Forget teaching. Forget coaching girls basketball. I need to get into tuxedo rentals. That’s where the real money is at. COST: $300

Since the wedding venue wasn’t at my apartment complex, I had to get a hotel for two nights. And you guys already know that downtown Cleveland is not cheap. It’s perhaps the most up and coming city in the midwest, so the prices are set as such. Let’s see….$159 x 2….carry the one….COST: $318

HAD to valet my car for two nights. Another racket. COST: $76

Also, let’s not forget that the wedding doesn’t only occur during that weekend. You have to attend the bachelor / bachelorette party, too. This is probably going to be more expensive than the entire bullshit wedding. Where we going, Vegas? Sweet dude, can’t wait to fly out from Ohio to lose all of my money. COST: $2500

Then we have the gift. I feel like there should be a general agreement between the newly weds and the wedding party that no gifts are needed. We just spent a million dollars for YOU to get married, and now we need to get you a gift? You should get us a gift! I am not a cheap ass though. COST: $200

We’re talking about $3,400 and a sick day to be apart of someone’s wedding. Could you imagine if I wasn’t so fiscally sound with my finances? Some people don’t have $1,000 to their name, so they go into debt for these weddings! I see why friendships are being ruined over this. I mean, my brother’s wedding last weekend was nice and all, but he is not worth $3,500. Jake and Katie: if you guys get divorced, I want my money back.