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Ocean Ramsey Is The Shark Whisperer

DMTail-riding through the ocean on the back of a great white shark Ocean Ramsey looks relaxed as she smiles confidently. The stunning show of bravery is even more impressive considering she is swimming with one of the world’s most feared ocean predators without protection. But Ms Ramsey travels the globe swimming with many species of sharks hoping to prove they are nothing like their Jaws film reputation. In these incredible photographs friend Juan Oliphant caught on camera the moment a massive 17-foot great white shark let Ms Ramsey ‘tail ride’ through the deep.

You show me a person who swims with fish that have a history of eating people in order to prove that they don’t eat people and 999 times out of 1,000 I’m going to wish that person a horrible death. Especially if you have a dickhead name like Ocean Ramsey. But guess what? Heeeeeeeeere’s OCEAN!


I don’t want that girl to die at all! Who says chivalry is dead? If Ocean Ramsey was some Australian thrill seeking man I’d wish a stingray would jump out of the water and stab him right through the heart. If she was an ugly broad I’d hope one day she was out skinny dipping and she got dragged around a channel marker by a Great White. But this broad? Oh no. I like her very much alive. She’s actually won me over, sharks don’t typically want to eat people. Because if Ocean Ramsey was in my room I’d eat her out in like 3 seconds. Lick her into a fucking coma.

Ocean Ramsey: shark whisperer, sex symbol. Not a bad little resume.