Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Arrested For Chasing Neighborhood Children With A Chainsaw While Wearing A Mask?

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Daily Mail - A 50-year-old Missouri woman was jailed after she threatened some neighborhood children with a chainsaw while wearing a ski mask. Lynn Marie Herzog of Winfield, has been charged with felony harassment of a child under 17 following Sunday’s incident. Neighbor, Patty Fleming, called the police after witnessing Herzog screaming and cursing at her son and his friend while wearing a ski mask and shaking a chainsaw. She told Fox2 that Herzog had been sawing a tree when she confronted the children. ‘I come out of my door and hear her screaming at the kids. The boys start walking and she starts walking towards them with her skull mask and her chain saw, shaking it like she was going to hurt the kids,‘ Fleming said.  In the past neighbors say Herzog has screamed abuse at the neighborhood kids and has also been seen photographing and videotaping them. Herzog, who in the past has accused neighbor boys of throwing rocks at her or her home, faces up to four years in prison if convicted.

Its all fun and games throwing rocks at the crazy lady’s house until she comes after you with a fuckin chainsaw dressed as Leatherface. That’ll end your precious little prank pretty damn quick. But this is the risk you run when you wanna spend your day doing petty vandalism. When we were in 8th grade we egged some dude’s house on Mischief Night. He chased us down and collared one of my buddies and dragged him up the street and took him into his basement straight up Mystic River Style. Eventually police got involved and he was let go before all the imprisonment/abuse could start but when we told the cops they were kinda like “Well thats what you fucking get for throwing eggs at that dude’s house.” That’s what makes it fun. You’re running on adrenaline and fear that the homeowner may end up chasing you with a chainsaw, you just ever expect its gonna happen. Well Mrs. Herzog doesn’t fuck around. And I promise you after she gets out of jail in 4 years she’ll never have another kid throw a single thing at her house. Leatherface Herzog – 1, Neighborhood Kids – 0.