Teacher Too Humiliated To Return To Work After Students Post Her Half-Naked Picture Everywhere


Daily NewsA sexy snap of a Russian history teacher has gone viral after it was discovered by students who hacked a laptop to find exam answers. Natalia Molokova, 34, became an instant online sensation after the image of her posing in her underwear was posted on Facebook. A group of 15-year-old boys reportedly logged on to a laptop owned by Molokova’s boyfriend, a teacher at another nearby school in Rostov, after he left it unattended. They were allegedly trying to find the answers to a test. But they were left wide-eyed after discovering the saucy photo of their educator’s girlfriend — which they quickly copied and then emailed to all their friends. The picture, shared thousands of times on various social networks, was also seen by students and parents at Molokova’s school. She is now refusing to return to work because of the humiliation.

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