Free Agent Guard, Derrick Rose, Says That He Still Loves Chicago, Reinsdorf, And The Bulls....SIGN HIM

Around and around, and back home again to a place where you know you are loved

(Chicago Tribune)–“But don’t get me wrong,” he writes. “That was just at the end and it was me who didn’t handle the criticism right. There really was love for so long. I love Chicago, and I still love the Bulls.”

Rose also has affection for Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.

I am going to make myself the Barstool-Chicago Derrick Rose correspondent because I am the only one among the four of us that want Derrick Rose back. Every time a story like this comes across my desk(couch) I am going to blog it. Why? Because Derrick Rose deserves a better ending than the one he got. The prodigal son. A tale as old as time. And Derrick Rose sounds like he wants to write that story. He wrote it in his book and I guess he also wished that he had a member of the media who could write his story for him

“Who was my reporter?” he wrote. “I’m in a market where if I say something — no matter what it was — it seemed like they were gonna twist my story. I don’t know why. It’s my hometown.”

Uhhh…Derrick ?

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I’ll do that shit. And you know why…because the Bulls need point guard help. A veteran point guard. It doesn’t have to be Derrick’s team anymore, but it can be his city again. Make it happen, Jerry. Give out one of those lifetime contracts like you’ve done for GarPax and Kenny Williams.