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Yankees Double A Player Is Receiving DEATH THREATS For Breaking Up a Team No-Hitter With a Bunt Single In a Three Run Game


Trenton Thunder outfielder Matt Lipka found himself thrust into the national spotlight Tuesday night, when he bunted with one out in the top of the ninth inning to break up a no-hitter by the Hartford Yard Goats, the Eastern League affiliate of the Colorado Rockies.

According to a source not authorized to speak on behalf of the Thunder organization, the 27-year-old Lipka received death threats on social media following Tuesday’s game. The Thunder are the Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees. The source says the Yankees have been alerted to the threats and are investigating.

The internet is filled with a bunch of outrageous things every single day. One after another they stretch rational thought and make us feel like we’re dreaming because shit gets so out of hand. Well, people actually being upset over a bunt single in a Double A baseball game to break up a team no-hitter in a fucking three run baseball game might be number one. People aren’t just upset, they’re sending the poor, kid Matt Lipka, death threats. Let’s break down why this is so ridiculous.

1) It was a three run baseball game. You know what happens when you bunt for a base hit in a three run game? You bring the tying run on-deck. Three run leads get blown all the time. The Red Sox have blown like seven of them this year. The Yankees blew one last night. Three runs is 100% in the range of being totally okay to bunt for a hit to get a rally going. If it was 7-0 this is a different story. Even 5-0. But not 3-0.

2) It’s a Double A. No one really gives a shit if you throw a no-hitter that’s not in the majors. It’s a nice accomplishment that you can maybe tell a girl at a bar, but you’re not ending up on SportsCenter because of that. If it was a perfect game that’s one thing. It wasn’t.

3) It was a team no-hitter. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE gives a flying fuck about a team combined no-hitter. Especially in the minor leagues. They barely give notice in the majors when that happens. What are doing here?

We’re giving this kid death threats? Are you fucking kidding me? You know why they’re getting death threats? Probably because dumbo shit head Steve Perrault tweeted this off the Section 10 account yesterday.

Some brain washed assholes likely saw the caption and probably went right to his twitter and told him to die. Good stuff boys.

Matt Lipka. Bunt all the hell you want. Fuck the Yard Goats. You started a benches clearing brawl over this? Field a ground ball you cowards.