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The Fan That Kyle Lowry Wants Banned For Life For Shoving Him? Yeah, That's Actually A Part Owner Of The Warriors

So this morning I blogged about the fan that shoved Kyle Lowry. Lowry was pissed off and was pushing for the fan to be banned from the NBA for life:

Well, a little twist that just came out. That ‘fan’ actually isn’t a fan. He’s in fact a minority owner of the Warriors. The guy is Mark Stevens and that makes this entire situation even more unique.

You obviously can’t ban him for life from attending NBA games. If I had to guess I wouldn’t be surprised if he loses his ownership stake. It was a shove no doubt, but it wasn’t a massive shove that injured Lowry or anything crazy like that. But, I don’t know how Silver or the NBA will respond here. I say at the minimum let Lowry get a shove in on him.

The Warriors have gotten in front of it and banned Stevens from the rest of the Finals games. Not necessarily a surprise:

This being an owner instead of a fan just makes this Finals even more weird.  Let’s add even more THIS LEAGUE storyline to the Finals. We have Drake. We have famous fans. We have trolling. We have injuries. Now we have a minority owner shoving Kyle Lowry. Hell yes. Let’s make this the weirdest finals ever.