Kids Get Paid Out $170 Million For Being Blindfolded And Forced To Eat Their Teacher's Cum Cookies


AP – The Los Angeles school district has agreed to pay nearly $140 million to families of students subjected to sexual abuse by an elementary school teacher who infamously took bondage-style photos of some pupils, school officials said on Friday. The district and attorneys for the families settled all remaining litigation in the case involving the teacher as jury selection was underway for a trial in some of the cases. School officials had previously paid $30 million to settle dozens of related lawsuits. “Throughout this case, we have shared in the pain felt by these children, their families and the community,” Superintendent Ramon Cortines said in a statement. Mark Berndt, the 63-year-old teacher at the center of the litigation, pleaded no contest a year ago to 23 counts of lewd acts upon a child and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Investigators found he took bondage-style photographs of his young students, some with semen-laced cookies held to their blindfolded faces or cockroaches crawling on them. The abuse came to light when a photo technician at a drugstore who processed film Berndt had dropped off became suspicious of pictures with blindfolded children and notified police.

OK, so obviously nobody wants to be blindfolded and tricked to eating some old creep’s semen. These kids should have never been subjected to that experience and I feel extremely bad if this haunts them for the rest of their lives, which it 100% could. But that being said if you were given the opportunity for that amount of money, would you dabble? Not even for the full $170 mill, either. Between the 81 victims each one is getting a little over $2 million. After legal fees and Uncle Sam with another kind of molestation, each party ends up with around $1 million. Would you still? Because you’re either richer than Bill Gates or a stone faced liar if you say no. If the likes of Lisa Ann and millions of other people can down just the milk with no flavoring for recreation I can suck it up and say Chip’s Ahoy. To be honest, there isn’t much I wouldn’t put in my mouth for that amount of money. I’d take a shot of plutonium laced with Ebola and hope for the best. Then again, that’s coming from a person with no benefits who woke up with the flu to discover yet another horse has been put in the company stable. All’s fair in love, war and pageviews.

PS – Way to get the photographs of the egregiously illegal activity you performed with children developed at the local CVS, pal. Of course pedo-Alex Trebek would be the only person outside of your grandmother to still use disposable cameras. Enjoy prison followed by hell, good sir.

h/t Pops