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Joan Rivers Is In Trouble Again. This Time For Calling Adele, A Fat Person, Fat


So Joan Rivers is under fire again because she went on Letterman and said Adele is fat. Naturally people are up in arms again because people really love getting up in arms. Well fear not Joan because once again I got your back, babe.

I’m fucking sick of Adele. She’s the worst. She’s a whiny cunt who undoubtedly deserved to be dumped by that first boyfriend who unfortunately made her famous. Listen to her songs and tell me those aren’t the words of the most annoyingly needy girlfriend in history. A level of neediness so high only an insanely hot person could pull it off. But Adele isn’t hot, or even “beautiful” as chicks like to call fat girls who they think are nice but gross looking. Adele looks identical to Ursula. Put a trident in her hand and every redhead in sight will run for the hills. She’s the only musical artist in history where people leave at the opening of her concert because, well, the fat lady sang. Fuck people for getting mad about this. Adele is fat and Joan Rivers is a GILF. End of story.

PS – that guy tries to be Jim Jefferies harder than I try to be Pres.