Kawhi Explains His 'Board Man Gets Paid' Shit Talking In The Most Kawhi Way Possible

This is starting to become one of my favorite bits of the NBA Finals. We all remember the story from a couple days ago:

It was all about Kawhi’s career through college and turning into Kawhi. Part of that was his shit talking ability, which is downright hilarious. Just saying ‘nope’ any time a guy shot. ‘Layup’ any time he got to the rim. ‘Bucket’ any time he scored.’ And my personal favorite – and the one that has blown up the Internet – ‘Board man gets paid’ for every rebound.

It’s so perfect. Just a direct line that is right up Kawhi’s alley.

Even better we had someone ask him about it. That’s the beauty of social media. We get reporters that get to ask questions about a goddamn line like ‘board man gets paid.’ It’s truly why we’re in the greatest generation to live.

But the response? That’s Kawhi. Of course it was just about getting to the league. Of course there’s nothing more to it. That’s just who Kawhi is. He operates on a very basic level and sometimes malfunctions:

Board man gets paid.