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Kyle Lowry Is Trying To Get A Warriors Fan Banned For Life After Getting Shoved During The Game

[ESPN] – “The fans have a place; we love our fans,” Lowry told ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt. “But fans like that shouldn’t be allowed to be in there, because it’s not right. I can’t do nothing to protect myself.

“But the league does a good job, and hopefully they ban him from all NBA games forever.”

“People who sit courtside, they might get in on the action,” Lowry said. “Don’t sit courtside if you don’t want somebody touching you.”

I’ve gone back and forth on this. When I first saw this quote I thought that Lowry was being soft and trying to make a big deal out of a little shove. But, on the other hand, I get where he’s coming from.

If Lowry shoved a fan, even a light shove like this, he’d be fined, suspended and it’d be talk radio until Game 4 or Drake gets into it with the Warriors. I also do understand that it’s a double standard and players are ‘supposed’ to control themselves more than fans.

But, fuck that. I’m all for fans getting into it with players. I’m all for the shit talking. What Drake is doing. All that good stuff. But, I do think there has to be a line in terms of touching a player.

I also get that the NBA is being a bit more strict than normal now after all the incidents this year. You had Russell Westbrook and the Jazz fan. You had the little kid fan shoving Russ. You had other incidents around the league. Hell, even Adam Silver brought it up during his state of the union address.

Now, I do think banned for life is a bit extreme. Just keep him out the rest of the Finals OR let Lowry get one good shove in on him. Fair is fair.