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A New Yankee Killer Was Born Last Night And His Name Is Vladdy Guerrero Jr

Blue Jays 11 Yankees 7

Well, fuck me to tears. Everything was going so well last night. The Yankees six runs combined in the 5th and 6th innings to take a 7-4 should have been more than enough to secure another W, especially with how good this bullpen has been of late. They can’t be lockdown every night, and with Paxton not going as deep as they hoped, Kahnle and Otto were burned before the 7th. That meant Jonathan Holder had to be used in a high leverage situation, which is never a good thing considering he stinks at getting outs. He didn’t get outs. Now he wasn’t helped out defensively with Gleyber’s shitty throw, but with two on and two out he served up a crucial two run double to Hernandez which really gave the Jays life.

In the following inning Zack Britton, who had not allowed a run in 13 consecutive appearances, didn’t have his A stuff. With two on and one out, up came the monster in Vladdy Guerrero Jr. This man is going to terrorize us for years, possibly decades. He’s just going to get bigger, badder, and scarier. I would walk him every time he’s up, if it were up to me. Bases loaded? I’ll take the run rather than four. I’m not even sure how he elevated Britton’s sinker, never mind hit it out of the park. That’s just stupid strength. Fuck that guy. No human should possess that power. You almost can’t even knock

Just avoid the sweep tomorrow and get out of Toronto. It’s always a nightmare. I think it might be the camera angle. I never feel comfortable with it. I mean we’ve got Randal Grichuk hitting three homers in two days. What the hell is that about? That’s just rude. The Yankees run of nine consecutive series victories ended last night. Oh well, we’ll just have to start a new one in Cleveland.