Absolutely Can't Stop Watching Kawhi Flat Out Refuse To Give His Teammate A Pregame Fist Bump

Fucking Kawhi, man. This is so goddamn funny and there’s really no other reason for it to be outside of Kawhi. Just a day ago we learned he talks shit on the court by saying things like ‘board man gets paid,’ ‘NOPE’ and ‘bucket.’ He truly is wired like a robot.

But, this still shot right here?

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 9.35.23 PM

‘The hell you doing, Norm? Not now. Court is that way.’

All things I just assume Kawhi said here. I also love to think that Powell just sat there and explained to Kawhi that it was a fist bump. It’s a good luck, let’s go type thing. He didn’t mean any harm. Something like that as they walked to the court together.

Never change, Kawhi. Always be a super fun guy