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Eric Kelly The Wall Street Boxing Trainer Reacting To The Citi Bike Program On The Daily Show

Full clip

Eric Kelly reaction, make sure you watch the last 10 seconds too

Everyone remembers Eric Kelly, right? The dude who trains Wall Street guys and teaches them how to box? Absolutely one of the funniest people alive. He’s like a character straight out of a Chappelle’s Show skit except its real life and thats just who he is.  He’s as close to a real life Tyree as you’ll ever see. “You know what we own here? Roach spray cans mothafucker.”

The full clip is 5 and a half minutes but its absolute Daily Show gold. If you got a few minutes I suggest you watch it. The reaction to the Citi Bike program has been absolutely hysterical. People fucking hate it. Like the most irrational reaction I’ve ever seen. People just downright despise these bikes and bike racks being on the streets. As if Bloomberg placed fucking drug dealers and landmines on the corner or something. Uh oh! People are riding bicycles! There goes the neighborhood! I mean I hate bicyclists as much as the next guy but its not like he’s opening homeless shelters and whore houses in the middle of fancy neighborhoods and shit.

Gotta set one up in Bed Stuy for Eric Kelly. At least he’d appreciate them.

PS – If you don’t think I’m gonna do a boxing training session with Eric Kelly you are outside of your mind.