Wrigley Bleacher Showdown: Throw It Back Guy Vs. No Fighting In The Bleachers Guy

I’m sitting on my couch hoping praying wishing Tapia throws it in the stands on his way off the field and as luck would have it he connected perfectly with this 2012 Miami (OHIO) graduate. That he would instantly and angrily throw it back without spilling a drop of his beer is a surprise to absolutely no one around here.

For Tapia though you imagine this has to be pretty confusing. It’s his second career start at Wrigley, the first as an every day MLB player. He’s enjoying his young career in Major League Baseball. Everyone’s Just. So. Nice.

Now he’s at Wrigley Field and he can’t help but want a piece of the action. Make some friends and extend an olive branch game ball. Only problem is everyone hates his fucking guts and that’s not changing anytime soon.

And while on topic, I’ve seen some electric activity from the bleachers this year. I know almost everything about Wrigley is different but it’s possible the bleachers have gotten better. The Right Field vs. Left Field rivalry is as hot as Ive ver seen it while the beer snakes are out of control

Then there’s this guy blowing up his side piece because he’s about to get murdered

It’s all deadly, literally and figuratively.

But end of the day, it’s nothing compared to the GOAT.

No Fighting In The Bleachers