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MUST WATCH: If You Were Wondering How Many Ways There Are To Open A Can Of Soda Pop, This Legend Shows You All Of Them

***Jordie’s Disclaimer: This is my first time ever using the “MUST WATCH” tag. I’ve been saving it up for a time that I truly felt deserved the honor, and I think this is the one.*** 

This is why I always have a problem with when people say things like “Make America Great Again”. Because guess what. America is already great as fuck right now. America is already running shit, and that’s because America has legends like Steve McGranahan aka The World’s Strongest Redneck living here. You mean to tell me that a country that has Steve McGranahan needs to be made great AGAIN? Get out of here with that nonsense. America has always been great for as long as Steve McGranahan has been on this Earth.

And what represents that greatness better than ol’ Stevey Mac over here showing us the four (4!!!!) ways to open up a can of sodee pop. I mean if Steve McGranahan was to tell me that there were 3 different ways to open up a can of sodee pop, I’d already say that he’s an absolute mad man. One is believable, I could potentially see two different ways, but three would be unfathomable. And then not only does he show us a third way to open up that sodee pop, but this animal then goes on to give us a FOURTH. Holy fuck. When he just split that bitch in half for the fourth can, I stood up out of my chair and started signing the Star Spangled Banner.

So shoutout to the World’s Strongest Redneck. It was mighty cool of him to hit us up with this tutorial video so early in the summer so now everybody can bust out a few party tricks for the rest of the season. Nobody wants to be the nerd who just flips the tab on a can of sodee pop. Either be the guy who busts that can over his head on the 7th try or just crush it wide open like a real American and really steal the show. We salute you, Stevey Mac.

h/t Whiskey Riff