11 Years Ago Today We Witnessed One Of The Greatest Athletic Achievements In History

Time sure does fly huh. Now you may think Paul Pierce was carried to the tunnel and put into a wheelchair during Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals because he pooped his pants. It’s one of the hottest rumors on the internet streets and frankly it’s insulting. To think that a warrior like Paul Pierce who was playing in his first ever NBA Finals would fake an injury just to cover up a little poop that didn’t exist is simply outrageous. I’ll always remember where I was when this went down, watching this game from my college house in Tempe the minute I saw Pierce go down my heart dropped. I couldn’t believe after the dream season the Big 3 had leading up to that game, everything Pierce had gone through in his Celtics career to suddenly have that robbed from him honestly broke me. I don’t think there was a single Celtics fan watching that game that didn’t think he had just torn his ACL or something super serious. The way he instantly fell after what was mostly a non contact injury is usually the sign that something went very very wrong.

But then, after missing just about 2 minutes of actual game time we witnessed one of the greatest injury comebacks since Willis Reed in 1970. To come back and hit some BIG FUCKING TIME threes to regain control of that game was an all time Pierce and Celtics moment and one of the most impressive things just not in NBA history but perhaps human existence. Normal people don’t recover that quickly but that’s the thing, Pierce’s will was so strong and he basically self healed in 35 seconds. Incredible. The Celts ended up winning that quarter by 9 and turned a 5 point deficit into a 4 point lead heading into the fourth where they would then put the clamps on LA and hold them to just 15 points over the final 12 minutes to take Game 1.

Pierce finished Game 1 playing 31 minutes and had 22/4 on 7-10 shooting with a Ortg of 131. We all know what happened from that moment forward, it’s something I think about probably every other day even though it’s been so long. That 2008 title is the only Celtics title I’ve ever seen with my own eyes and who knows maybe it’s the only one I’ll ever see. I’ve stated multiple times that Paul Pierce was my own personal Larry Bird and he’s probably my favorite all time Celtic so watching him come back and shove it right down Kobe’s throat with a destroyed knee was just the cherry on top. You want to talk about a wave of emotion, I don’t think it gets any crazier for a Celtics fan than that Game 1 injury.

Of course Pierce went on to win the Finals MVP as we all know, and man was he lights out during that Finals

So happy anniversary to a moment that I’ll never forget, and again Paul Pierce definitely did NOT poop his pants so please don’t even pay any attention to that junk.