20 Years Ago Today Marked The Last Time The Knicks Were Relevant; Goddamnit That's Depressing

20 goddamn years. TWENTY YEARS. That’s how long it’s been since Larry Johnson was fouled and completed the 4pt play. Sure, there was the Melo year that ended with the No. 2 seed. But, even then the Knicks weren’t that relevant.

This better be a sign though. 20 years of suffering. 20 years of getting hopes up. 20 years leading to this (hopefully)

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I need the Knicks to be relevant again. The city needs the Knicks to be relevant again. It’s the one thing that brings New York together. Plus, as weird as it is, the Knicks are still a staple franchise despite being goddamn awful for 20 years.

What is it about today and dominating the Pacers? Don’t hate it. Fuck the Pacers forever.