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I'm Currently In 95th Out Of Around 1,600 Remaining Players In This Massive WSOP Event

First off all, thanks to everyone who followed along and showed support on Twitter and IG today. Because it was a wild fucking ride. I came into the day with a decent stack of 363k, and immediately flopped a flush and got maximum value on the first hand to win a 400k pot. And then not too long after, I won another 400k+ pot off the same guy, to propel me to upwards of 900k chips and a top 10 stack in the room.

From there it was normal poker. Won some hands, lost some hands, ran some bluffs that worked, ran some that didn’t. I was down to 700k, up to 800, down a bit, back to 900, and then had a bad level when I was down to 650k. And then I took off. I made probably the best call of my life when a dude absolutely BOMBED river for 275k and I hero called it correctly. From there I was just playing solid, picking good spots, and winning hands. I eclipsed a million, and then 2 million, before finishing the day with 1.945 million chips when the average is around 700k. *Exhales*.

It was a fun day of poker, and I’m glad I am able to share it with everyone. There’s #content on my Twitter, on the Cracking Aces Twitter, and both of their Instagrams as well. We picked up a lot of new followers today which is awesome.

But there’s still a long way to go. While I have a healthy chip stack, it only takes one hand to lose it all. One mistake, or I lose on a sick cooler like KK vs AA, or I get sucked out on, who knows. It only takes one hand. So I’m not counting my kittens before they hatch. Gotta stay focused, stay solid, and try to limit mistakes. I felt really good about my game today and hope to parlay that into tomorrow.

So we kick off again at 11am west coast time. I’ll mainly be updating on the Cracking Aces IG story. If you go over to it now you can watch my progression during the day, actually kinda cool to go back and watch it just now.

But again, lots of poker left to be played. Lots of people between me and the ultimate goal, and lots of people better than me at the game too. We shall see what tomorrow brings. Bless.