Zack Wheeler Will Make His MLB Debut On Road Trip In Atlanta

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The long awaited day has almost arrived. Wheeler finally gets out of the absolute SHITHOLE Triple A affiliate in Las Vegas and joins Harvey in the Big Leagues. All along the Mets fan pessimist in me kept expecting only one of these 2 to pan out. Obviously Harvey is the Real Deal, which logically led me to believe Wheeler was a mortal lock for a bust. Thats just the way Mets prospects have always worked out.

But I think Wheeler is different. Mainly because he originated in the Giants system. Been highly touted by another organization that has churned out championship caliber pitching. And I think he’s just talented enough to make the jump and challenge Harvey for that number 1 spot. Come Friday the Mets will have one of the most promising 1-2 punches in Major League Baseball. There’s a lot of big time pitching duos out there right now – Wainwright and the new kid on the Cards, obviously Kershaw and Greinke, Strasburg and that cheater Gio, etc etc – but there’s no reason to believe Harvey and Wheeler won’t be right up there for years to come.

Except of course that they’re on the Mets which, like I said, means you should assume the worst. i.e.:



I guess the whole Friday debut was premature and they bumped him back to start in Atlanta.  Makes sense, that was what people expected all along since his hometown is in Georgia. Make the kid as comfortable as possible. No Citi Field pressure. Its the smart move.