NFL Monday Morning Rewind - AFC

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The classic, ooh I got one by my bosses, I got my dick sweater on air.


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To the, my bosses found out and now I’m in BIG trouble look.



The games…


Chiefs 12, Steelers 20

Did the Chiefs throw a touchdown to a Wide Receiver?!?!?!


No the Chiefs didn’t throw a touchdown to anyone actually. Field Goal City.

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Totally random thought, you think opposing coaches have ever had the urge to rub Andy Reid’s belly during the post game handshake? Like touching pregnant woman’s stomach, asking what they’re expecting? I bet it’s crossed someones mind, has to have right?


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Feel like this entire Steelers team and Ben Rotehlisberger have gone under the radar this year. Look at Ben’s numbers. Why doesn’t he get MVP talk? 3rd in completion percentage, 2nd in yards, 8th in TD’s but of the top 10 he’s thrown the second fewest interceptions behind Rodgers, and he just took a team with a suspect defense and a revolving door of receivers to a 10-5 record. Even though looking at their schedule they haven’t played any top tier teams (Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks, Packers, Cowboys), maybe they’re putting it all together at the right time? Steelers have dark horse written all over them, watch out.


Patriots 17, Jets 16

Sums it up nicely

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As well as a dead guy at the game.

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Sweet pass to the box Bon Jovi, like the kid who refuses to cut off the plastic wrist bar bracelets 2 weeks after Spring Break has ended. You VIP bro?

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Andy Reid was in two places at once yesterday.

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This is my absolute favorite. Just so much hate in Jets fans hearts.

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Cute kid Woody, nah just kidding, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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All of New England experienced missing the last step on a staircase at the exact same time.


Good night sweet prince, come to Chicago and be our DC



Ravens 13, Texans 25


JJ’s got that, “I have no fucking clue what Dikembe is saying but I understand the finger wag so let’s just do that in each other’s face instead” face on.


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Is Joe Flacco elite? Let’s check the scoreboard.


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Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.03.08 AM




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Vikings 35, Dolphins 37

Maybe time to let it go bro, just a thought.

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Or next thing you know you’ll grow up and be this guy.

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This was actually the most exciting game of the day with 7 scoring plays in the 4th quarter alone.


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And the super rare blocked punt safety game winner




Which led to the even more rare punt onside kick, not sure I’ve ever seen one of these.


Onside Free Kick Fails, Still Looks Cool


Keep doing you Miami


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Bills 24, Raiders 26


Things we learned, dressing like the hottest QB of all time does not equal wins in the National Football League.


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Bills Mafia flames out. Sorry if I jinxed us guys.


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Oh and I’m so excited for the Raiders to give Tony Sparano a contract because the team “played for him” only to have him go 3-13 and lose his job next year. If you don’t think this is happening then you don’t know the NFL.