You Have To Pick a New Sport If Jacoby Ellsbury Is Your Player Comparison As An MLB Draft Pick

With the start of the MLB Draft comes wild MLB player comparisons with each prospect. In comes Corbin Carroll, a high school outfielder from Seattle, Washington. I have nothing against Corbin Carroll, but if you get compared to Jacoby Ellsbury at the MLB Draft then you need to pick a different sport. Make sure you go to college and get a degree because you have been cursed with this player comp. I understand Ellsbury used to be a good player and was once a runner-up to the MVP, but he’s become the laughing stock of this league. The Yankees are begging him to stay hurt so they can recoup his insurance money and survive the rest of his deal. You could be compared to anyone in the world and that’s the name they picked. Johnny Damon would have been an easy comp based on Keith Law’s write up below.

Carroll gets raves for his athleticism, speed, feel to hit, and range in center field, and he has the hand strength and swing to get to above-average power down the road, with his arm the only tool that doesn’t project to more than average. He’s 5-foot-10 and a bit small, which I keep hearing as a negative, but if he were 6-foot-3 he’d be in the mix to go first overall. Given how many hitters who are under 6 feet but have the hand and wrist strength to drive the ball are succeeding in the majors, this should be a non-issue. -Keith Law

Nope, they gave him Jacoby. It’s basically a death sentence. Poor fella.